I, Necromancer

by Atragon

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Old Man Doom
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Old Man Doom Good classic doom sound from these Scottish lads. They've done their homework and dabbled into the inspirational vices that have made great doom metal before them. Yes kids, turn on the blacklight and grab some brownies. Just let go with your negativity and realize that shit like this is what makes music great. Favorite track: I, Necromancer.
Drew Thomson
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Drew Thomson This is ace! Does for doom what Entombed did for death metal. Think Electric Wizard blended with early Orange Goblin (and every bit as awesome as that sounds). Favorite track: Monastery of Silence.
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baronwolfsermon Yaaasss! Heavy shit, great riffs, love it. Physical release please. Favorite track: I, Necromancer.
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released June 9, 2017

Vocals - Jan Gardner
Guitar - Ruaridh Daunton
Drums - Jason Watt
Bass - Ewen Cameron

Production - Graeme Young at Chamber Studio
Mastering - Tony Reed
Art - Branca Studio



all rights reserved


Atragon Edinburgh, UK

Dabbed to the bone Doom 'n' Roll from Scotland Circa. 2012

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Track Name: Matriarch
Annabella, protector of the lands within seven seas
Can't you see that she's failed us, by not casting that young boy to hell?
And damning us to seemingly endless year of his corpulent evil.
An insurmountable task that she must face alone - the pain of watching the loss of life
In order to topple the necromancers throne.

Annabella, if she could only weep her crystalline torment
The light would catch in her tears and sooth weary, plagued souls
But Annabella is now as dead inside as her enemy's puppets
An insurmountable task that she must face alone - the pain of watching the loss of life
In order to topple the necromancers throne, of bone.

"How could one so kind of heart
kill a young boy, doused in maternal blood and screaming out for someone to hold
Has she cursed us all?"

"Bone-wielder lay down your sorcerous blades
and cast yourself thin out on the waves
Annabella comes to take your life
For it, she'll give her's without a fight."

Annabella cast the curse
Annabella cast the curse
Anabella cursed us all.
Track Name: Monastery of Silence
Raised in the monastery of silence, by the ribbon-lipped druids of the oath
for the twofold death of my mother - torn from the nether only to be sent back into it's pits.

I tore the ribbons from those woven lips
and filled the silence with fright
And raised them to un-life
to become, master of a forest of death.

I wandered lands unhindered by conscience
my legions in tow, ever stretching, the cadaver branches I extend

When she, the witch, a fire in her heart to destroy me
she cast this curse, that left me broken
A suicidal man of regret
Track Name: I, Necromancer
Plains of white and gold
A stretch of strength, of valour
A wealth of surprised, scared eyes
The lands magnitude of horror
And I, Necromancer in black -of red, the dead, sanguine spittle
Bore through the crowd like a blade (by fingers and bones they're slain)
My only purpose, a harem of evil who will drag me to my grave

And like a demon crouched on my back, I live my life of suicidal terror

The witch of plague-ridden promise has won.
Track Name: Wallowing Wizard
In the calm after battle, she alone stands
Blood that's just touched the heavens mists in the air
Congeals in her eyes but she never looks downward
She will not lower her gaze.
She's not a human, she's a waltz
As she dances around me, I'm reduced to a corpse
Finally, I look just like my legions
All she's left is this wallowing wizard

I am the wallowing wizard, watch me spit on the feet of your gods and your devils.

This carrion witch, I've seen her before
Before this curse which makes me want nothing more
Than myself in the ground
but my hands are as tied as my torment is loud
I must kill her, she's the key
Locked in her chest is what will set me free
Then I'll love her, my paragon of murder.

My hands pass through her chest and I tear out her heart
I think she knew it'd be this way from the start
For a smile crosses her lips at my evisceration kiss.
Dead beauty, lost to my arms, the moment I killed her was the purest of harm
Now it's off to my halls, and those blood splatter walls
The very same walls the corpse of Satan does adorn.
The corpse of Satan does adorn my wall.
Track Name: The Dead Weight of Unimportant Flesh
Annabella takes the black in as a pox on her soul
groaning in the dirt, static eyes, and a mouthful of soil
A literal hole in her heart, but she still carries on. She still carries...
She created a filthy avenger, to her own guilty thoughts

She drifts alongside an aire to malicious intent
Dead weight in his arms
Her lips spell out desire, destruction

Rip, cut, form, heal, tear, repair, eviscerate, decapitate
Rip, cut, form, heal, tear, repair, decapitate, decapitate

I turn her head toward me and in this light, her eyes look violet
Blood drains from my veins to her brain, makes her insane, oh there is pain.

Here comes the dirty blood.
Track Name: Jesus Wept
Please whisper to me, sweet nothings of my end
As I lay (chain round my throat)
For my flesh to burst open, would only bring relief
I want to see pleasure in your eyes, dear witch of lies.

Feel these fingers of rust
The poisoning of your blood
The tearing of your cunt

Lo, the moment of my birth
I break free and loose those eyes from your skull
And there's no use screaming "Mercy!"
For I, have torn out your throat.

But once again, I am tortured
Because this didn't last longer
The first taste of blood to whet the tongue
The second to dilute the scum
The pleasure of your passing has made me numb.

An Odyssey of pain-giving
Jesus wept, whilst I've merely slept
Entwined in your organs and the bliss of the kill

But like a mace blow to the skull, I realise this was not the plan
My blood lust has robbed me of my chance to die.