Wallowing Wizard

from by Atragon



From the pen of the Necromancer


In the calm after battle, she alone stands
Blood that's just touched the heavens mists in the air
Congeals in her eyes but she never looks downward
She will not lower her gaze.
She's not a human, she's a waltz
As she dances around me, I'm reduced to a corpse
Finally, I look just like my legions
All she's left is this wallowing wizard

I am the wallowing wizard, watch me spit on the feet of your gods and your devils.

This carrion witch, I've seen her before
Before this curse which makes me want nothing more
Than myself in the ground
but my hands are as tied as my torment is loud
I must kill her, she's the key
Locked in her chest is what will set me free
Then I'll love her, my paragon of murder.

My hands pass through her chest and I tear out her heart
I think she knew it'd be this way from the start
For a smile crosses her lips at my evisceration kiss.
Dead beauty, lost to my arms, the moment I killed her was the purest of harm
Now it's off to my halls, and those blood splatter walls
The very same walls the corpse of Satan does adorn.
The corpse of Satan does adorn my wall.


from I, Necromancer, released June 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Atragon Edinburgh, UK

Dabbed to the bone Doom 'n' Roll from Scotland Circa. 2012


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