Monastery of Silence

from by Atragon



From the pen of the Necromancer


Raised in the monastery of silence, by the ribbon-lipped druids of the oath
for the twofold death of my mother - torn from the nether only to be sent back into it's pits.

I tore the ribbons from those woven lips
and filled the silence with fright
And raised them to un-life
to become, master of a forest of death.

I wandered lands unhindered by conscience
my legions in tow, ever stretching, the cadaver branches I extend

When she, the witch, a fire in her heart to destroy me
she cast this curse, that left me broken
A suicidal man of regret


from I, Necromancer, released June 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Atragon Edinburgh, UK

Dabbed to the bone Doom 'n' Roll from Scotland Circa. 2012


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