Jesus Wept

from by Atragon



From the mouth of the Necromacer


Please whisper to me, sweet nothings of my end
As I lay (chain round my throat)
For my flesh to burst open, would only bring relief
I want to see pleasure in your eyes, dear witch of lies.

Feel these fingers of rust
The poisoning of your blood
The tearing of your cunt

Lo, the moment of my birth
I break free and loose those eyes from your skull
And there's no use screaming "Mercy!"
For I, have torn out your throat.

But once again, I am tortured
Because this didn't last longer
The first taste of blood to whet the tongue
The second to dilute the scum
The pleasure of your passing has made me numb.

An Odyssey of pain-giving
Jesus wept, whilst I've merely slept
Entwined in your organs and the bliss of the kill

But like a mace blow to the skull, I realise this was not the plan
My blood lust has robbed me of my chance to die.


from I, Necromancer, released June 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Atragon Edinburgh, UK

Dabbed to the bone Doom 'n' Roll from Scotland Circa. 2012


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